~contains spoilers~

First of all I have to say thank you again to Mark for so generously putting together such a beautiful keepsake and sharing these memories with us. Secondly thank you to Bryan Shaw for taking the time to edit HWML. And last but not least thank you to Michael, Stana, Sean, Cary, Angus & Sara for taking part in the interviews.

The inspiration behind FLO is just as incredible as the inspiration that is FLO. The love and dedication of everyone involved in bringing FLO to life is emphasised in and radiates from HWML and is clearly evident in the film. To have such a wonderful and talented group of people coming together, doing something they all believed in, is truly part of the magic and artistry of For Lover Only and something to be proud of.

Mark and Bryan have done a fantastic job of editing together the interviews with the previously unseen footage, interspersed with deleted dialogue and excerpts from Sofia’s diary. And in keeping with the black and white while overlaying the footage with parts of Kubilay’s score the whole piece has been tied together beautifully.

Having the opportunity to hear what everyone had to say about the process and experience of making FLO is truly inspiring. Learning more about Mark & Michael’s films be it through their book ‘The Declaration of Independent Filmmaking’, interviews or behind the scenes experiences like this is remarkable. I have never been more in awe of or inspired by any other filmmakers and to get a glimpse into the family, magic and world of their work is such an honour. 

Thank you for including the soldiers of love in the dedications; it means the world.

How We Made Love is a beautiful tribute to the cinematic masterpiece that is FLO and something to be truly proud of.

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